Wednesday, May 16, 2007

They are spreading

One of our investigators, after responding to an anonymous tip, took this picture of a RBM spy camera emerging from a drainage pipe within a major city in Texas. The device is utilizing a Haminix 28mm lens for its' optics. The RMBs have now spread over 50 miles from the lab. The Lab is attempting to lure them back with intoxicating music piped underground from the Tesla Memorial Theatre.

Monday, May 07, 2007

We are back!

After more than two months underground with the new tunnel borer and Dr. Meta Stones' teleporter, we have returned to the surface.We are proud to announce a very successful surge into the lair of the Rogue Bioms. Successfully transported in miniaturized forms, 25 RBMs are being held in the lab's detention center. Their colony underground is extensive, rapidly spreading and must be dealt with soon because the Earth, as we know it, will be transformed in to a pock marked Swiss cheese textured lifeless planet. On a lighter note, the Tesla Memorial Music hall and Mini-lab will soon open. Also, the lab's Sculpture park is about to reopen with completion of repairs caused by the ice storm in February. Don't forget to mail you comments to