Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Worst fears!!

Shortly after the large brain was photographed, the RBMs assembled the brain on top of a computer module; thus creating the dreaded Neural Brain! An assortment of ports and cables on the Neural Brain will allow any number of RBMs to download information. This apparatus will make it extremely difficult to control them,if they an be controlled.

Large brain discovered

The video probe deep in the mine stealthily photographed what appears to be a very large brain surrounded by RBM technicans. We fear that they are building a neural brain. If this is achieved, the Rogues will almost be impossible to control due to their added twisted intelligence once they are connected to the brain.

Mine entrance found

Upon descending deep into the recently discovered Lost and Found Mine, laboratory probes found evidence of new tunnel work. It appears that the Rogue Bio-mechanicals have been using the mine as their lair. Video and audio probes are exploring the new tunnels.