Thursday, July 16, 2009


Announcing the new RADIO FLASH 1.0 PISTOL just released from the Lab. It is a hand held NNEMP (non-nuclear electro-magnetic pulse) device. Each hunter participating in the Annual RBH&R will be provided one to use on the hunt. There are two power settings provide on this model - "stun" and "wipeout". The hunt date is pending.


Soon to be announced is Flim Flam Laboratory's annual ROGUE BIOMECHANICAL TROPHY HUNT AND ROUND UP. Sportsmen will be provided with the newly developed RADIO FLASH 1.0 Pistol. No longer will the "Bioms" be blasted to pieces but will be well preserved and ready to be mounted on attractive plaques provided by the Lab. Pictured here are some of the Rogues recently captured that will be released two hours before the hunt. Check back for the Hunt date.