Thursday, September 27, 2007

Band resurrects

With about three more weeks before the Screamin' Babyheads and the Instruments of Mass Distortion make their ressurrected appearance at Maker Faire, the lab is scrambling to recreate their sounds. We have a few audio clips recorded secretly down in their disco, but not complete pieces. The performance will be just the labs interpretation of their works. We do know one thing, they are fascinated with operas by Wagner.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rumor Undenied

OK, it was true. We have captured some RB-ms. Using our Grab and Snatch probe, we were able to extract the complete band that was playing in their disco deep underground. As best as we can translate, they call themselves the Screamin' Babyheads. We have been reassembling them because our Grab and Snatch malfunctioned as it brought them to the surface. They were brought up in pieces. Hopefully, the band will be back together for an appearance at Maker Faire in Austin this October. The group will be called Screamin' Babyheads and the Instruments of Mass Distortion. They don't sound very good to the human ear; just distorted noise and dissonant music.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rumor Denied

There has been talk outside the lab that the security force at I.D. Labs have captured some Rogue Bio-mechanicals and are holding them in an undisclosed location. Well, we don't know anything about it. Probably not true. What we can tell you is that we have secured some videos taken by one of our probes planted in their disco.