Friday, August 12, 2011


Pictured, is the latest of TGB accessories- the EIP which is a device that analyzes your mind and indicates areas that you need to work on. Grab both copper cuffs on the arms after a moment of peaceful nothingness and the EIP transmits your mind makeup via Bluetooth connection to TGB. TGB then analyzes your mind and sends back corrections via the Adjustinator.

It's alive!

Our first Mini-brain emerged from Ms. Brains incubator unit. Four more on the way!


Dr. Stone's anabolic steroid research has been put on hold at the prestigious Awry Institute ( a division of Flimflam Labs) due to some odd results. Fortunately, only one of Professor Conrad's clones was used in the trial.

Oh well

Disaster in the Lab. Our invitro fertilization attempt using Kasey the Kinderbot exploded losing 8 mini brains. So much for Octobot.